A. P. Jørgensen
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The company A. P. Jørgensen could in 1996 celebrate its 100 year anniversary.

Anders Th. Jørgensen started in 1896 as a smith in Bøel by Gørding, and in 1897 he moved to Grønnegade in Ribe. The rooms were small, so when the smithy in Nygade was for sale, he bought it.

He ran the smithy in Nygade as a blacksmiths up until 1926, when his son A.P. Jørgensen purchased it. A. P. Jørgensen ran the business as a blacksmiths, but since the mechanization of agriculture began, he started to also trade in machinery from Tøndervej.

In 1954 he bought Plantagevej 12, which was just to the north of Ribe town, where there was more space for the machines.

In 1966 his son Niels Jørgensen purchased the machine shop, which today, after the enlargement in 1995, 2002 and 2008 has at its disposal in all 7188 m2. We are the primary dealers of Claas, Kverneland, Samson, etc. , as well as a section on Industrivej 21, Ribe dealing with scrapping and sale of refurbished parts.

After Niels Jørgensen's death in the year 2000, the business has been run by his wife Ellen Jørgensen.

The company A. P. Jørgensen has now 39 employees.
On January 1, 2018, Ellen Jørgensen followed the business of Dansk Agro Machinery Holding A / S