A. P. Jørgensen
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The company A. P. Jørgensen was established in 1896 as carriage makers and blacksmiths.

In the early 1950s, Anders Peter Jørgensen began selling IH tractors. After 54 years of selling Case IH tractors, the company changes to selling Claas Full Line in 2005. The company remains owned by the Jørgensen family.

In 1979, Niels Jørgensen acquired Industrivej 21 in Ribe and began breaking up trade-in IH tractors for parts.

Today, the company has 1651 m2 at its disposal for used spare parts.
Used spare parts for the following tractor models, among others:   In addition we sell special Heavy pull-bar for Case IH and Claas.
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Telephone numbers for the department of used spare parts are:
Main number +45 7673 1201  -  Fax number +45 7542 3872

Please contact Bent or Henrik, or click on Fill out this form, which is an email sent directly to us.
Henrik Kjærgård Thøger Vedstesen
Direct phone: 7673 1219
Direct phone.: 7673 1218